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      Homer's The Iliad is the story of the Greek siege of Troy. Odysseus, who owes allegiance to Agamemnon, responds when he calls on all Greek or Achaean princes to aid in the war against Troy. The Odyssey is the tale of Odysseusí twenty year journey back home to Ithaca. Details of Greek life can be learned from a careful reading of these documents.
    The world Homer describes in The Odyssey is, presumably, one much more ancient than his own. The Greeks dated the fall of Troy about 1184 B.C. but since Homerís art was an oral one in the course of telling and retelling, the stories tended to become altered by, what was to Homer, recent events. Consequently, they far better reflect the society that existed just previous to Homerís age then an older one. Works-Of-Homer.Com servers as the ultimate student resource for examples of essays and papers studying these classic works. If you're struggling to understand any aspect of classic Greek literature, CLICK HERE FOR OUR LIST OF ESSAYS and get the help you need..TODAY!!!...

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